Roof Washing

The roof cover is an umbrella stretched over the building. It protects it from the sun, wind and rain.

Washing the roof not only makes the house shine but extends its lifespan.

Remember that the total cost of a building includes construction and maintenance. The better you maintain it, the longer your roof will last! And subsequent renovation costs will be lower.

When did you last time check the state of your roof (above your head)?

The constant exposure of the roof cover to different meteorological conditions is an ideal basis for the accumulation of dirt, dust, stains, grit scratches and the development of algae and mosses. Apart from the aesthetics, in the long run, this decreases the value of the building. Regular roof cleaning extends its duration and prevents the build-up of dirt in drainage systems. However, once you properly clean the roof, you can be calm for several years.

Removing long lasting dirt from the roof

Use a machine that ejects high-pressure water at the rotating peak to clean the roof. This high-pressure machine can clean all types of roof coverings. If the tiles are older or of lower quality, reduce the pressure in the water machine to prevent damage.

The best way to remove long-lasting dirt is chemical. How? Consult the manufacturer to avoid those that could change the colour of the roof covering. Experts advise not to use dishwashing liquids since most of them contain a rinse agent and skin protection supplements. For example, lanolin oil. Use detergent on a natural basis that will not harm the birds. The chemistry rests on the roof for about 10 minutes after which you have to rinse it with water under intense pressure. There is also chemical protection that prevents algae from appearing.

How long does roof washing last?

The process of cleaning the roof is going very fast. It all depends on the state of the roof, but 100 m2 of surface can be washed in about an hour. Gutters should be cleaned more often than the roof, at least once a year. As for the flat roof, the cleaning process is the same as on the hip roof.

Some homeowners may think they are capable enough to undertake this kind of project. Please note there is a risk of falling off a ladder which can cause injury. Or you may be unfamiliar with a washing machine. The best way is to leave this job to a professional! A professional roof cleaning will keep your tiles safe and properly rinse chemical solvents.

How much does the roof washing cost?

The price of cleaning the roof is formed based on the square of the roof and it costs from X dollars to Y dollars per square meter (or X dollars per hour) of roof area. It’s not a big amount to rejuvenate your house!

Can you paint the roof?

Many investors wonder if it is possible to paint the roof cover when it loses its fresh appearance. You can paint cement roof tiles or tin panels. Before painting, the roof must be clean and impregnated. Take into account that once painted roof will require more frequent renovation than before.

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Permanent exposure to various weather conditions is ideal for accumulating dirt, dust and the development of moss and licks on the roof. Apart from aesthetics, this causes depreciation of the quality of the roof cover. Regular cleaning of roofs prolongs the duration of the roof cover. It also prevents the build-up of dirt in drainage systems. 

Washing the roof with a high-pressure is done with special equipment that accesses all parts of the roof structure. By changing the width and shape of the nozzle, the operator adjusts the jet of water to the roof surface. The use of protective equipment and safety measures is mandatory. 

Depending on the roof surface, sometimes it is better to use soft washing. It also eliminates microorganisms. 

Our cleaning formula uses water-based chemicals, naturally degradable chemicals to break dirt, eliminate pests and nets. This system also kills mould and algae on your roof cover.
Your roof will be both – representative and clean.